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Import wine sale

About Argentine wine

Spanish emigrants brought the highest grade of grape seed into Argentina from their own country since the 16th

 century. It was approximately 100 years ago, Argentine vineyarding and the vinification being growth by

progress of new technological innovation and vineyarding method.

The improvement of these production processes was particularly important to the western part of the country

among the foothills of the Andes mountains.This area is most suitable climate and fertile soil to vineyarding

Cabernet, Malbec, Merlot, Pinot noir and Chardonnay which had been brought from the best vineyard of

France, Italy and other European countries to use plentiful ice melted pure water.The Argentine Andes east 

side foothills areas accomplished development the fifth largest produced country of the wine in the world by

reason of no severe winter season and semi-arid desert-like continental climate with annual rainfall

100-300mm a year.Argentine grape keeps good quality to prevent the crop damage by low humidity and

 small rainfall comparatively.Grape and wine from Argentine are not be used agricultual chemicals for natural

and safety reason to maintain the quality needed to earn the trust of the worldwide customers.

The fifth largest produced country of the wine in the world.

It leads to France, Italy, Spain, USA.

The viticulture area accounts for world 2.7% at 210,000 hectares.

< Strong point ( talked by expert ) of Argentine wine production >

High sugar content of grape by reason of big difference in temperature between day and night in this growing

area.High productivity and low cost at the level farm ground.

Argentine wine consumption (also consumption per person) is in six place of the world.

Annual consumption per person approximate 40 liters.It was more than 90 liters per annum until the end of

 60's, the diversification of the beverages in Argentine expanded. By the way, the country consumption more

 than Argentina per person are Luxembourg, France, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland.

The export of Argentina wine is the eleventh place of the world

The export of Argentina wine increases from 1995 rapidly when abnormal weather was in Europe.

Argentina wine is to be exported to 60 foreign countries over in the world, but only 6 percent of Argentina wine against 70 percent of Chilian is to be exported suggesting more delicious wine to be consumed domestic in Argentine.