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FAQ of sale of raw and packing materals for beverages.

Would manufacture the beverage of Private Brand. How much of the cost?
Consulting with our business staff about contents and specification of the products. Please feel free to contact us.
Would you send me OASIS tea and/or natural mineral water directly? Please let me know, how to paying.
Please see and refer to our Online-Store here to purchase our commodity.
Please show me the ingredient of commodity in detail. ( including effective )
Please see and refer the explanation of each commodity from guidance page.

FAQ of sale of raw and packing materals for beverages.

What kind of affairs for sale of raw materials and the packing materials?
We suggest suitable raw materials in fluence of "taste" "quality" "grade" with prominent Tea Makers of P.B. beverages products by OEM. Packing materals such as PET Bottle, Caps and Shrink Labels are also be supplied timely which having big influence of "impression" and "cost" of P.B. beverages by OEM.

FAQ of Export and Import business

What kind of affairs for export and import business from Korea mainly?
We have expanded a network with neighboring country in Korea not only domestic in Japan to exchanging mutual good products.
We believe to contribute the harmony of food culture between two nations to take away the barrier.
Object of Export Products  Seasoning, Processed food, Beverages, Confectionery and others  Object of Import Products  Mackeolli, Beverages, Seasoning, Processed food and others

FAQ of vending machine business

What type of vending machine available?
Canned, PET Bottle, Paper Cup, Paper Pack, Food and Ice Cream.
Please show available maker.
Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd., Kirin Beverage Co., Ltd., Suntory Holdings Ltd., Ito En, Ltd., Sapporo Beverage Co., Ltd. and etc.

FAQ of Online-Store

Please show URL of Online-Store.
We worry about agricultural chemicals for DATTAN SOBA tea due China origin?
Please rest assured. We sell quality guaranteed Dattan soba after investigation.
Please show available shop to purchase an Oasis products in Japan?
Click here to purchase our products through Online-Shop.
Please show payment method. Cash on delivery or credit settlement available?
We can allow to settle bank transfer or C.O.D.
Big packing bag of DATTAN SOBA tea available(big package)?
Please ask by this inquiry form to click here.

Other FAQ

Please ask for other questions by this inquiry form to click here.