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OEM Beverage Packing Requirement

Planning and Development of OEM products.

Oasis has the wide network with the Makers and Beverage Packing Factories of each place of the whole

country in Japan which supports various needs of the customers.

Oasis look forward to meet beverage packing requirements not only tea-based drinks such as green tea,

oolong tea, blend tea but also coffee drinks and carbonated water, sports drinks, healthy drink products and

other many type of beverages.

Corporate value and strength of Oasis

●Many type of beverages even small lot

Oasis has preparation of manufacturing facilities that are capable of producing many types of beverages even

small lot also wide network and products lines with the Makers and Beverage Packing Factories of each place

of the whole country in Japan. Oasis can prepare necessary items when necessity to maintain cousmers'


●Reduce of logistics cost

Oasis can prepare suitable Beverage Packing Factory to fit the location to reduce logistics cost.

●Reduce of the purchasing cost

Reduce of the purchasing cost by the economies of scale for raw and packing materials.

●Development of product goods

Oasis prepare many type of beverages every demand of customers.

Main OEM products

Package Volume・Size  Kind of Beberage
PET Bottle 2L・900・500・350・280ml   Green tea, Roasted green tea, Organic green tea, 
Oolong tea, Blended tea, Black soybean tea, 
 DATTAN SOBA tea, Barley tea,  Jasmine tea,
Natural mineral water, Sports drinks and other beverages
Can and Bottle can 500・350・100ml 250・190(g) Coffee, Green tea, Roasted green tea, Organic green tea, Oolong tea, Turmeric drink, Jasmine tea, 
Sports drinks, Cokes,Chu-Hi,and others
Bottle 500・720ml Carbonated water, Fruit juice and Healthy beverages
Paper Pack 1L・500・200ml Coffee drink, Tea , Fruit juice and Healthy beverages

Please refer another items if required.

Schedule of products development

Decision of the products concept basis product design

What kind of concept to be produced and for the sale channel. We will decide product concept based on

customers requirements and our conventional experiences.

Suggestion of the trial products

Suggesting the sample products to customers.

Decide the specifications of the product

Decide the specifications of the detailed product.

Decide the package design and packing materials

Decide the package design for products and packing materials.

(※ We can propose package design if necessary,but separete account. )

Actual Production 

Actual production to be started.

Products to be delivered after examined.

Products to be delivered to customers after examined.