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Business Guidance

Business Guidance

● Introduction of our five divisional business

● Production of many kinds even small lot

● Necessary item prepare when necessity

OEM Beverage Packing Requirement

OEM Beverage Packing Requirement

We can deal with planning, drafting, sample making, logistics and

sales of any proructs even small lot by our skilfull knowledges.

Sales of the beverage raw materials and the packing materials

Sales of the beverage raw materials and the packing materials

Selling beverage raw materials and the packing materials required to perform

 food processing. We can supply raw and packing materials having high quality

 cultivated by the production sale of the OEM goods.

Export and import business

Export and import business

Export of processed food and raw materials made in Japan to Korea and other

countries. Also, we import processed food and raw materials made in foreign 

countries of the world.

Import wine sale

Import wine sale

Argentina wine named Tercos ( both Red and White ) available. France and

or Italian wine are populared in Japan, but wine from Argentina, Tercos is

not be used agricultual chemicals for natural and safety reason to maintain

the quality needed to earn the trust of the worldwide customers.


Vending machine business

Suggesting appropriate number of vending machines for placement in the

location of the customers. Suggesting save cost for appropriate placement to 

lineup the marketable goods to one vending machine. In addition, we 

contribute to manage of plural numbers of vending machines to refills, profit

administration and welfare program collectively.