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Message from President

Oasis thanks customers to meet patronage with the origin of all actions.

Oasis thanks customers to meet patronage with the origin of all actions. We contribute to improve the rich and

healthy life and food culture to regard quality as important thing. Customers' demand have become diversified

at present food culture. For diversifying needs, our skilfull staff keeps quick and flexible correspondence in mind.

We have the wide network with the Makers and Beverage Packing Factories of each place of the whole country

in Japan be able to develop the products efficiently which supports various needs of the customers. As for our 

merit having a wide and various  network, many kinds even small lot products are able to set up the production

 lines widely. We can prepare necessary item when necessity to maintain cousmers' satisfaction. Furthermore, 

Oasis prepare to choose suitable Makers and Beverage Paking Factories on the firm reliability to promise the

 improvement of quality guaranteed.

Oasis is struggling to prepare "delicious, safety and healthy foods" with a social mission in providing "ISHOKU-DOGEN" ( medicine and one's daily food are equally important in making a sick body well ) as our motto.

Japan is a longevity country, but on the other hand the risk of the lifestyle-related diseases inclusing by 

westernization food culture recently. We deal in PET bottled beverages such as Tea, Oolong Tea and

Natural Mineral Water mainly under the theme of "health" by OEM since The government enforced turns from 

treatment medical science to preventive medical science. We put emphasis on development of delicious

beverages for the purpose of healthy life supporting and to preventing the lifestyle-related diseases.

It is always required the concerned about food safety even time changing to foods diversifying. We carry out

 the careful selection of raw materials, reinforcement of the cooperation with the Makers and Beverage  Packing

Factories and do management not to permit compromise until reach the hand of customers thoroughly.

Osamu Sujihara
President, Osamu Sujihara